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Have you heard the expression that "the right niche will make you rich?"

Are You Struggling With Who The Right Niche Is For You?

Discover Your Niche NOW!

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When you have so much to offer as a Coach, Speaker, Author and Entrepreneur -
how do you know who will most benefit from your services? There are so many choices, it can be really overwhelming!

Hi - I’m Lauri Hand and I struggled with this too when I started my business, Coaching By Hand. I know how hard it is to find that perfect niche where all of your ideal clients can “magically” be found.

I've been through the struggle of trying to serve everyone because I was afraid if I committed to a niche I would end up “leaving money on the table'.

I found myself recreating programs over and over to fit each client and working really hard just to get one client.

I was exhausted, overwhelmed, frustrated and worse, I was not making any money despite all my efforts.

Everything changed when I truly knew my niche - and really owned it!

I started making real money, worked less and easily attracted motivated clients who were also having great success in their businesses!

Lauri Hand, MBA, PMP, CEG

Business Strategy Coach

Using this Your Niche Now: Niche Refining Tool, in just a few minutes, your 'perfect-for-you', money-making niche will be crystal clear.

Here's what my clients are saying about Your Niche Now...

“For 10 months I worked really hard and made no progress on my business!”

"I was desperate to make progress right away because for ten months I kept starting over for the 3rd, 4th, 5th time. There was SO much I could do so I didn’t want to narrow my niche down too much. This model helped me to move forward immediately and for the first time feel progress was being made every step of the way!” 

- Aynn Riback, ACC, Confidence Coach,

“My business was overwhelming and I had no idea what to focus on or what to do first!”

"Before using Lauri’s system, my business seemed overwhelming deciding what to focus on and what to do first. This was exactly what I needed to get structure and order to my ideas in a fun easy way. It was a way through the disorganization in my mind that kept me stuck. Results from using the system were amazing - I came away with an action plan ready to go!"  

- Iris Moon, Songwriter/Meditation Programs

“I wasn’t getting ANY clients and I was frustrated!”

I was struggling to figure out which clients to go after and what exactly my niche was. I wasn’t getting any new customers and I was frustrated. This tool was totally worth it! My results were that my ideal customer was better defined and I felt I had a better method for identifying that customer and closing the deal.

– Gail Bendert, CFO On-the-go,

Your Niche Now:  Niche Refining Tool will reveal...

  • Exactly who your niche is and why they need you
  • Which niche will make you the most money
  • If your niche is the right fit for you???

Here's What You'll Get...

  • An easy-to-use tool that creates your handcrafted answer to real progress you can see
  • A way to stop being overwhelmed by your business
  • A path out of frustration in just minutes
  • Confidence in knowing exactly who you're trying to reach
  • A simple, clear approach that gets the results you want - more clients!

BONUS:  The Secrets to Transforming Your Niche Into Income Now...

You’ll also receive the 5-Step Process for Converting Your Niche Market into Paying Clients. (A $497 value).

Get some momentum in your business!

I'll be emailing you my 5-Step Process for converting your niche market into paying clients. All you do is:

  • Check your Inbox for access to the next 5 Step Process and start converting Clients
  • Do the daily '5-minute Key Success Ingredient'- it takes only five minutes a day and if you do it you are guaranteed to increase your income
  • Put it into action for immediate traction - add these 5 Success Ingredients to your mix and start seeing results right away!

Let's find Your Niche Now!

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