Are you finally ready for the reality of the fun, freedom & flow of a simple 6-figure+ business?

What if you could make ‘selling’ irrelevant & love every minute of enrolling your new Clients?

What if you could change the world working only 3 days a week & still make a comfy $10K+ a month?

Aloha! I’m Lauri

BEACH BIZ Mentor, Entrepreneurial Feminist, Make More Money Master, 3-Day Work Week Wonder, Simple Heart-based Sales Strategist & Corporate Escapee.

I’m going to show you how to LOVE every bit of your business!

I’m a big believer that when you’re living your purpose, everything just flows. That when you love what you do every day, you can’t wait to get started each & every morning. That having your own business can be a blast! I mean, if you’re not having any fun, what’s the point?

I am living proof that YOU HAVE OPTIONS! You don’t have to suffer day-in, day-out at a soul suffocating J.O.B. in the cold, hard world of Corporate America. The ‘steady paycheck’ doesn’t have to own you.

You can have your dream of being your own boss, having a big impact serving those who need you most AND make plenty of money doing it, even if you hate sales. And you can do it from anywhere you want in way less time than the old 8-5. After all, you’re awesome & you deserve it!


lauriWhat if you could have a BEACH BUSINESS?

Sell Your Services with A Simple, Natural Never ‘Sales-y’ Approach

The perfect Combination of low tech & high personal touch

With Connection & purpose – the income will flow in

And easily earn $1ooK, $200K, $300K or more working from ANYWHERE

AND the Freedom of 3 Days Week

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